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2013 CQ WW VHF Log Reminder

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NOTES:  Not to be the “cranky old guy” but something tells me if they keep shortening things up a lot more VHF ops are just not going to fool with turning their logs in. While admittedly this contest is not a big deal with most logging software, they seem to forget that many VHF ops are not retired, do well to get on the air for a few hours, and juggling many other priorities ;-)

I have heard more than one VHF op comment that they are getting “awfully demanding” for folks that take months to get the results out and often a year before awards are sent out. It’s hard to argue that one. Oh well, IMHO it’s like so many things in our hobby anymore…we often seem to be going out of our way to shoot ourselves in the foot with actions not consistent with goals ;-)

SOURCE FOR BELOW:  John K9JK on behalf of Steve N8BJQ

2013 CQ WW VHF Log Deadline Reminder

Posting on behalf of Steve Bolia, N8BJQ, Contest Director.

Remember that the deadline for submitting logs to be eligible for award consideration in this year’s CQ WW VHF Contest is this coming Sunday, August 4th at 2359 UTC. From the rules: Logs received after the deadline will be listed in the results but will not be eligible for an award. Extensions may be granted by the director for a valid reason if you contact the director before the deadline.

This is significantly earlier than the September 1st deadline of recent years but at least we can be thankful that the deadline was not shortened to the FIVE days after the end of the contest deadline of the CQ HF contests.

More than 700 call signs are presently on the Logs Received list so many of you have already submitted but Steve has room for many more logs!

Steve is also looking for input for the results article that he will be writing so he’d appreciate whatever you might have. Please contact Steve via e-mail: sbolia  AT   woh. rr. com

Thanks for reading.

73 & Good VHF,
John, K9JK


The 2009 CQ WW VHF Contest this weekend.

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The 2009 CQ WW VHF Contest is this weekend. Contest starts 1800 UTC Saturday, July 18th. Ends 2100 UTC Sunday, July 19th. Full details/rules can be found here:

This has always been one of my favorite contests. Chances for 6m openings are high and tropo/inversions can make 2m interesting. Since it’s a 6m/2m only contest, it somewhat levels the playing field for the ‘small gun’ stations compared to the bigger contests.

I should be on the air from EM78pp for portions of it.

While it’s still too early to predict, the Hepburn Tropo forecast looks hopeful, but it might stay to our south:

Looks like the Cincinnati area weather will be very nice too! That’s if the forecast holds, grin. Good contest for operating portable or roving!

While VHF/UHF weak signal activity has been moderate this year, June and thus far July has been full of very nice openings on 6m and even a little 2m eskip for some! Many double hop openings to the west coast and Europe. Some just to the north (EM89) have worked JA’s (Japan) on multi-multi-hop eskip (sure ‘taint F2 skip!).

While looking over the various June logs I can see the QSO counts haven’t been as high as usual, but there’s a lot of interesting contacts and some pretty nice DX in there. So I guess you could say that it’s been quality over quantity this year. Definitely been a good year for 6m operating if you had the patience for it! I know I’ve had a blast with what little and sporadic operating time I’ve had thus far.

2008 CQ WW VHF Contest wrap up

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Total QSO’s: 38 (2007 was 21)
Claimed Score: 1064 (2007 was 336)

BAND 6m 2m
QSOS 33 5
GRIDS 23 5

6m was 100w 5el 50′
2m was 45w 10el 58′

The CQ WW VHF 2008 was pretty slow this year. Considering all the nice 6m/2m action in June and many of the weekends prior to this contest, don’t guess I can complain. This is usually one of the better contests for me, historically at least. Last year was slow, so I was hoping this year things would pick up. My QSO and score is up this year, but still nothing in comparison to previous years activity levels.

Hardly anyone on 2m for some reason. I think they were busy chasing the very fleeting 6m openings we had. 2m was actually in good shape to the north and west. WB9Z over in Illinois (EN60) was easy on 6m direct and very loud on 2m.

I found and worked our local rover Dan, K9ZF in both EM68 and EM78. Hats off to Dan and his rover efforts when gas isn’t cheap!

6m was pretty slow most of the time. We had a couple decent, but short lived openings into Texas and New England areas. Then a few more very fleeting openings and what sounded like very weak scatter to the NE Saturday night.

Sunday morning 6m picked up somewhat and I managed to snag a pretty rare grid that I needed on 6m. During a brief New England opening I worked Nick, KC1MA portable out on Cape Cod in FN51. FN51 is mostly water and considered pretty darn rare! I think this is the last grid I needed on 6m to have all the New England grids. Needless to say the QSL card for that one is already in the mail! Punch FN51 in here and you’ll see why it’s rare (BTW, neat tool for finding 6 digit grids):

http://f6fvy. or/fullScreen. php

Even EM85 has been strangely dead this year in terms of rovers/portable operations down there. Several others have noticed it. So I’m still contemplating an EM86/EM87 grid/mountaintop mini dxpedition this fall for the sprints. Several of the CT gang need them both. We’ll see how things play out. I need to take a Saturday or Sunday and run down there and recon out some operating spots.