About WA4ZKO

My name is Jeff and I’m originally from the Atlanta Georgia area. My family is an Air Force family so we moved around a LOT when I was young. We lived in Columbus OH, near Boston MA, Washington DC, Atlanta GA, Puerto Rico, Oklahoma City OK, and of course Northern Kentucky. For the most part I grew up near Dry Ridge, Kentucky in western Grant County and consider it my hometown.

I’m a self employed IT Consultant (14+ years) with a diverse background in public safety (15+ years), Corporate IT, and broadcast engineering. A mix of real world experience that is rare, or so I’m often told!

I’m part Seneca Indian and enjoy researching my native American heritage.

After going through the downsizing and layoff messes during the “tech bubble” collapse around the turn of the century I decided I’d be my own boss. I took the long list of contacts I’d made over the years, references, and added in a healthy dose of courage to strike out on my own. I never looked back with regret and have turned down several job offers since. I enjoy what I do and today I can basically pick and choose what I get involved with.

Today most of my clients are in the financial services, military, digital media, or energy sectors.  I often get dragged into wearing many IT and wireless hats. I usually focus on network design, security, virtualization, remote access, high capacity storage & backup systems, various forms of clustering, wireless data, and consult on public safety radio system design. More than enough to keep me busy eh?

Since it is a common question, some of the radio stations I’ve worked with includes legends like 700 WLW, 102.7 WEBN, and several others.  Yeah I’ve worked for the Clear Channel beast, but the world of radio broadcasting was very different back then.

WA4ZKO is my FCC issued amateur “ham” radio callsign. I was originally licensed as KD4EVB. I held KD4EVB till the summer of 2006 when I applied to get WA4ZKO, the call of a late friend and mentor John Loze. John had left us all way too soon a couple years prior. I figured taking on his call was a “hammy” way of honoring him and keeping his call letters active on the airwaves. I owe John a great deal of credit for getting me to where I am today, both in the hobby and professionally. My favorite band is 6 meters.

Outside of ham radio and work I dearly love the outdoors.  I spend a lot of time in cubicles, on the road, on planes/trains, or in data centers. After a week of that I can easily go kill an entire day out hiking, fishing, or tinkering in the shop.

While I’m usually busy with work (or play) when I travel, I do show up on various ham systems (usually 440, or 900 MHz) from time to time. Some repeaters you may find me on during my travels are:

927.9375-   Manhattan, NY (NYC)

449.2250-   Manhattan, NY (NYC)

927.4875-   N. Guilford, CT (New Haven)

441.7000+   Milford/West Haven, CT

927.1375-   Waltham, MA

927.0125-   Marietta/Atlanta, GA area (Sweat Mtn)

927.3375-   San Diego, CA (Mt. Otay)

927.1375-   Los Angeles, CA (southern)

927.8375-   Los Angeles, CA (northern)

443.1500+   Lafayette, LA

443.8750+   Lafayette, LA

I use this blog to post/rant about the things that interest me. I’m opinionated (get over it), long winded, and tend to speak my mind. You’ve been forewarned!

My QRZ profile can be found here.

73 de Jeff, WA4ZKO


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