WA4ZKO – Sept VHF Wrap-Up

Well as somewhat expected for this time of the year, 6 meters never opened up so it was a mostly 2m & up show. I wasn’t very active during Saturday afternoon other than briefly checking the bands from time to time. Was more active on Saturday evening.

Just before dinner I stumbled across N8JQR/R (K8TQK at the mic) working their way into EM88. After that they headed to the corner of EM78, EM79, and EM89 and I worked them with ease in all four grids on 2m and 432. They didn’t have 6m gear with them, but still some nice grids/bands to add to the logs.

Around 9pm I would come in and work a couple hours of the contest. Things seemed really slow here locally. I would add WZ8D, W4NH, N8ZM, AA4ZZ, K8EP, and K5QE to the logs before calling it a night. Would end the night by working K5QE on meteor scatter (FSK441) with some pretty good burns observed.

I would wind up with the following:

TOTAL QSOs:      20
TOTAL 6m QSOs:   6
TOTAL 6m Grids:  6
TOTAL 2m QSOs:   8
TOTAL 2m Grids:  8
TOTAL 432 QSOs:  6
TOTAL 432 Grids: 6

Interesting when your 432 QSO & grid count matches your 6 meter totals.

All in all a pretty good run for the limited amount of time I had, band conditions, and lack of local/semi-local activity. Thankful for the N8JQR rover being out there. I gather propagation on the higher bands was pretty good Sunday morning (figures, grin).

Heard K4TO on from Winchester, never worked him though. Talked to KI4WEF on the 440 repeater as we tinkered with meteor scatter, but we never really made a valid contest QSO ;-) Oh well, anymore I just enjoy getting on the air for a few hours and handing out EM78. IMHO, far more fun when you don’t go taking contesting too seriously. Just get on the air, make some Qs, and have fun doing it.

REMINDER:  Monday evening is the Fall 144 MHz Sprint. Not sure if I will be around for this one or not. Tropo forecast looks interesting.

September 23, 2013:
144 MHz Fall Sprint




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