2013 CQ WW VHF Log Reminder

NOTES:  Not to be the “cranky old guy” but something tells me if they keep shortening things up a lot more VHF ops are just not going to fool with turning their logs in. While admittedly this contest is not a big deal with most logging software, they seem to forget that many VHF ops are not retired, do well to get on the air for a few hours, and juggling many other priorities ;-)

I have heard more than one VHF op comment that they are getting “awfully demanding” for folks that take months to get the results out and often a year before awards are sent out. It’s hard to argue that one. Oh well, IMHO it’s like so many things in our hobby anymore…we often seem to be going out of our way to shoot ourselves in the foot with actions not consistent with goals ;-)

SOURCE FOR BELOW:  John K9JK on behalf of Steve N8BJQ

2013 CQ WW VHF Log Deadline Reminder

Posting on behalf of Steve Bolia, N8BJQ, Contest Director.

Remember that the deadline for submitting logs to be eligible for award consideration in this year’s CQ WW VHF Contest is this coming Sunday, August 4th at 2359 UTC. From the rules: Logs received after the deadline will be listed in the results but will not be eligible for an award. Extensions may be granted by the director for a valid reason if you contact the director before the deadline.

This is significantly earlier than the September 1st deadline of recent years but at least we can be thankful that the deadline was not shortened to the FIVE days after the end of the contest deadline of the CQ HF contests.

More than 700 call signs are presently on the Logs Received list so many of you have already submitted but Steve has room for many more logs!

Steve is also looking for input for the results article that he will be writing so he’d appreciate whatever you might have. Please contact Steve via e-mail: sbolia  AT   woh. rr. com

Thanks for reading.

73 & Good VHF,
John, K9JK


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