The Jr Senator from Kentucky Schools the Senate

Lately I’ve tried to refrain from politics on here, but this is hard to describe as anything but a home run by Senator Rand Paul.

For the record I’m not saying what Apple is doing is great, but it is legal. You will also notice that execs from the likes of GE, Facebook, and Google were not dragged up there. Have you paid attention to the news of late regarding how much taxes they avoid? Interesting eh?

and there is more…

It’s about  time someone called the Congress out on their hypocrisy and brain numbed populism. It’s no wonder these jackwagons have the popularity numbers that barely cover their close friends and family.

Admittedly being from Kentucky I’m biased, but Senator Paul….you rock! Judging by some other comments on this speech, I’m not alone.

Needless to say the “elites” (in both parties) will not be happy with Mr. Paul on this one. Needless to say Senator Levin wasn’t too happy that a Junior Senator from Kentucky rained on his parade.



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