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WA4ZKO – 6m Spring Sprint Wrap-Up

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Well I finally had time to go over my logs and do a final tally of my 50 MHz Spring Sprint results. Sorry, the schedule has been a tad crazy here with work, family, and other hobby projects.

When all is said and done, about 3 Hrs of operating yielded:

QSOs:  79
GRIDS:  29
DXCC:  2 (USA and Canada)
MISC:  3 Canandian Provinces

Traditional score:  2291

Distance based score:  Don’t know and don’t really care.

Conditions were good this time around. Due to it being a bit early in the spring/summer e-skip season, the 6m Spring Sprint is usually pretty slow. If you are lucky you might get a brief opening to Texas or Florida. There was nothing slow about it this year! The band opened to the northeast and remained open for pretty much the entire Sprint. I think this caught a lot of folks off guard.

I came in the radio room around 2315z and found the FN4x grids coming in and the band either quickly built from there or word got out that there was a nice opening in progress. Before long I was working grids that were getting “short” for 6 meter e-skip. I would check 2m SSB from time to time but never heard any sign that 2 meters was open.

I did not notice any of the locals around Cincinnati on the air. Dennis N9TZL and Lonnie KI4WEF were both on in EM78 and somehow we all 3 managed not to work each other ;-) Gives you an idea of how busy the bands were. I would camp out with the beam aimed at about 70 degrees for the evening and get some good runs of contacts.

The bottom of the band was a zoo of folks talking and calling over top of each other (hey guys…SPREAD OUT when the band is open!), so I did my usual “go high” approach. I did most of my “camping on a freq and CQ’ing” at 50.210 and 50.243 USB. This approach worked well and garnered many comments from folks about the lower QRM levels “up here.” I made most of my contacts this way and have found this technique to be effective once the band gets busy.

This kept me busy at times working one QSO after another into grids that are not exactly common on 6m here (eg FM17-19, FN10, FN20, and FM29) was a blast. Judging by my mailbox lately, seems others were happy to get EM78. Several of these cards had comments along the lines that they have been needing EM78 for years.

Here is a quick grid map of what I worked:

A very nice, fun, and BUSY 6m Spring Sprint. I had a blast! Let us hope this bodes well for conditions in June/July!

Don’t forget that the ARRL June VHF Contest will be here very soon. Due to a packed June schedule (work, personal, and hobby wise) I will not be doing my usual compiled “plans listing.”

I should be in EM78 for the June VHF Contest, but suspect I’ll only be able to work a portion of it and probably just Saturday evening.

That’s the wrap for now.



The Jr Senator from Kentucky Schools the Senate

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Lately I’ve tried to refrain from politics on here, but this is hard to describe as anything but a home run by Senator Rand Paul.

For the record I’m not saying what Apple is doing is great, but it is legal. You will also notice that execs from the likes of GE, Facebook, and Google were not dragged up there. Have you paid attention to the news of late regarding how much taxes they avoid? Interesting eh?

and there is more…

It’s about  time someone called the Congress out on their hypocrisy and brain numbed populism. It’s no wonder these jackwagons have the popularity numbers that barely cover their close friends and family.

Admittedly being from Kentucky I’m biased, but Senator Paul….you rock! Judging by some other comments on this speech, I’m not alone.

Needless to say the “elites” (in both parties) will not be happy with Mr. Paul on this one. Needless to say Senator Levin wasn’t too happy that a Junior Senator from Kentucky rained on his parade.