WA4ZKO 2013 432 Spring Sprint Wrap-Up

Well I never expect this Sprint to have much activity in this area, but I can usually work a few locals. This time around it was a bust. Zero QSO’s and 0 grids. One very dead sounding band. Thankfully I semi-planned for it to be “slow” and had several other projects to work on while monitoring things.

Didn’t hear any sign of local activity on the band. I was in and out of the radio room at times, so maybe I missed someone. I know my radio and antennas are working as I heard Jimmy W4ZRZ (EM63) very faint from down in Alabama.

Oh well, log wise a bust, but project wise I got a couple other things done. Let’s hope the 6m Sprint brings more activity and some eskip if we are lucky ;-)

Don’t forget the big June VHF/UHF Contest is going to be here before we know it.

NOTE: I will not be on for the 902+ Sprint. Too far out to tell for sure, but I plan on being on for the 6m Spring Sprint.

Here are some more upcoming VHF/UHF Contests:

May 4, 2013:
6am-1pm local
Microwave/902+ MHz Spring Sprint

May 11-12, 2013:
2300-0300 UTC
50 MHz Spring Sprint

June 8-10, 2013:



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