WA4ZKO 2013 2m Spring Sprint Wrap-Up

Well the 1st Spring Sprint is traditionally slim pickin’s at best around here, but this one was a bit better than expected. I was active for maybe 2 hours max with a couple breaks and distractions.

Final tally was 9 Qs, 7 grids, 4 states (IN, KY, OH, TN) for a normal score of 63. Best contact of the night looks too be  K8GDT up near Cleveland OH in EN91BF at 233 miles.

Don’t know what the “distance scoring” score would be nor do I really care. IMHO the distance scoring stuff was probably well intended, but I feel it is unnecessary and does nothing to even the playing ground. It just creates additional headaches for folks. Heck I’m like a lot of folks and I don’t even bother with submitting logs for the Spring Sprints.

I think we would be far better off relaxing the VHF+ contesting rules and getting back to a more “get on the air, work some grids, just have some fun, and who really cares who wins or not” approaches versus all this worry wart nonsense that is probably doing far more harm than good. Lot of this stuff reminds me of politicians who seem to think they can make life “fair” and/or legislate evil out existence.

Hey if they really want to make things fair, then it can’t just be distance scoring. I would suggest distance  combined with at least ERP factored in. Really Jeff? Yeah…which of the following is a more commendable QSO/contact:

1.  A “big gun” working say 500 miles on 2 meters with a big multi-yagi array and a kilowatt amp.

2. A “little gun” working the same distance  with a single yagi and 100 watts.

Point made eh?  Of course where does this stuff stop?   Distance, ERP, miles, AHAAT, etc etc?  ’nuff said.

Moving on….

Was nice to hear KY4MRG on in KY along with N9TZL in Corinth. Great to hear some activity out of TN (KE4TWI) although it’s still awfully quiet down that way in comparison to years past.

There seemed to be some activity down in the Atlanta area. Around 9pm I heard someone on 144.200 give a grid of EM74TM (northern GA), but I could never get a full call or get their attention. I would heard a couple folks down that way with the same result. Pretty sure I could of added 2-3 more nice contacts to the logs once they beamed north. Hint to the guys down that way…look north some more, grin.

Well here are my logs for that evening:

K8TQK   EM89JE  OH  144.195 USB  89 miles
K8GDT   EN91BF  OH  144.210 USB  233 miles
WA9M    EM79NC  IN  144.205 USB  33 miles
N9TED   EM68VH  IN  144.210 USB  85 miles
KY4MRG  EM77RP  KY  144.205 USB  70 miles
N9TZL   EM78RM  KY  144.215 USB  13 miles
K8DZ    EM79VN  OH  144.210 USB  69 miles
K9LQZ   EM68WO  IN  144.200 USB  77 miles
KE4TWI  EM66VC  TN  144.207 USB  194 miles

Not a long list, but frankly I was only expecting about half that.

Remember the 222 MHz Spring Sprint is Tuesday April 16th. Then the 432 MHz Spring Sprint will be Wednesday April 24th.

Barring any schedule changes I should be on for the 432 Sprint.



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