WA4ZKO 432 Sprint Wrap-up

Well I didn’t go into this one expecting a lot of activity and the band was flat. Not a trace of any beacons to the north or south. I didn’t check the beacon subband later, so maybe band conditions improved later. Still it turned out to be a decent little sprint compared to what I expected.

I didn’t get started till around 7:20pm. My first contact of the night was WA9M in Lawrenceburg, IN. Then I managed to get Bob K8TQK up in EM89JE off the back of his beam which confirmed the rig & antenna were working fine.

Next I would spend some time working KG4WLX 187 miles to the south down by Knoxville, TN in EM86AA. It was a weak path but we managed a legit contact with a few tries to catch things on QSB peaks. This would be the best DX of the night. Also great to hear some activity out of the Knoxville area for a very refreshing change. There was another KE4 station down there, but I just couldn’t pull out a full call. I’m pretty sure I heard K1KC down in Georgia once, but not enough there to even attempt a QSO.

Ended up with the following 4 QSOs:

WA9M EM79NC IN 33 miles
K8TQK EM89JE OH 88 miles
KG4WLX EM86AA TN 187 miles
K9MRI EN70IU IN 154 miles

No sign of anyone else on in Kentucky. Not a peep out of the SW OH/Cincy area. Still a bit jazzed to hear some east TN activity though.

All in all not bad for a 432 Sprint in this area on a flat band. Actually just 1 QSO short of my 2m Fall Sprint log. 4 QSOs, 4 grids, 3 states, and about 1 hour total operating time for a barn burner score of 16 points.

Well that pretty much wraps up the 2012 VHF+ Weak Signal contest season. I haven’t compared my #’s to 2011, but it’s been pretty good year. It was a fun year with several nice surprises for those that were active and patient enough. I think my only regret was not being on the air more.



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