WA4ZKO 50 MHz Sprint Wrap-up

Well this one worked out about like I expected it would. 6 meters never really opened up. There seemed to be some weak signals coming in on meteor or FAI scatter at times. The band was acting like it wanted to open up to New England a couple times with K1WHS (Maine) popping in at times. I would also hear WD0T out in South Dakota coming in on what sounded like weak scatter, but I could never get his attention. I ran some 6m Olivia 16/500 at times on 50.29075 USB dial (1.5k waterfall) but had no luck stirring anything up there.

Very few locals were heard and I suspect the odd/new date and fantastic weather here had a lot to do with that. While I understand what they were trying to do with the date change, but that pretty much kills the idea of it being a “Fall” sprint. Personally I would rather see the 50 MHz Fall Sprint  pushed back further into November or December. That said, I’m sure it’s mission impossible to make everyone happy.

Admittedly the weather was so nice I wasn’t in the shack much myself except for a few breaks from working outside. I managed to miss working KI4WEF (local) and maybe a couple others. I would work N9TZL hilltop portable in EM78RM, K1WHS in FN43, then wrap things up with K8TQK in EM89 on groundwave would be my final contact.

So my finally tally is 3 QSO’s, 3 grids, 3 states.

Reminder, the next big VHF contest is the ARRL September VHF Contest on September 8-10th. Be here before you know it, so get your station ready for the last big VHF contest of the summer.



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