50 MHz Fall Sprint is Saturday evening

I bet this one snuck up on you like it did me ;-)

A quick reminder that the 50 MHz Fall Sprint is this Saturday. It’s a nice short duration contest with simple rules. Basically get on the air, make some contacts, work some grids, use spotting networks all you want, and just have some fun type of contest.

Begins Saturday August 11, 2012 at 4pm EDT and ends 8pm (EDT).

Full rules here:


This particular Fall Sprint used to be held at the end of October, but they have moved it up this year. Looks like they wanted to get a better shot at a late season e-skip opening.

I will try to be on for this one from EM78pp. We are looking at some very nice weather this weekend (esp for August) so I had other plans. I think I can multi-tast it in between other projects and be active for most of the contest.



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