Sorry for this late one, but work has had me just a tad busy ;-)

Well work had my radio time very limited for the weekend of the 2012 CQ WW VHF Contest, but somehow I still managed to pull off a pretty decent log.

Saturday afternoon I only got in about 15 minutes of operating. But with 6 meters open right then I quickly added 7 stations on 6m to the log:

NR5M   EM10  Texas
W9RM   DM58  Colorado – Keith out at his CO QTH.
KF0UR  DM78  Colorado
K6MYC  DM07  California on first call ;-)
K0NR   DM78  Colorado – Bill up at his cabin.
K5ZG   DM88  Colorado
W7QQ/R DM79  Colorado

If the K6MYC call sounds familiar, it struck me the same. Turns out that was Mike Staal of M2 Antenna and KLM Electronics fame:


To make that QSO even nicer…DM07 is a new grid for me. Guess I better get that QSL request out in the mail soon. Also a good lesson on why just sticking your head in the shack for just a few minutes may be well worth it.

It would later that evening before I got back in the shack. I would find 6 meters open to AZ, ND, UT, and NV for a bit before the opening died out. Pretty sure I missed a pile of 6m contacts earlier, but oh well. From that point on I would start focusing on 2m more and add KY, OH, IN, PA, and FN03 Canada to the 2m logs before calling it a night.

Sunday I would get on the air for about 20 minutes just before 2pm before work would distract me for the rest of the day. 6 meters was open good to Florida then and I even heard local KI4WEF working someone right after I did.

My final tally would be 28 QSOs. On 6 meters 20 QSOs, 19 grids, 9 states. On 2 meters 8 QSOs, 8 grids, and 5 states plus Ontario Canada. Will enter as Single Operator – Low Power and claim a score of 756. Not too shabby for around 3 hours total operating time and I managed to have some fun and get some work done too. Would prefer to of had more time in the shack, but hey some operating time is better than none ;-)



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