2012 K5N and N5K Grid Expeditions to rare grids DL88 and DL79/89

For now I’ll summarize things the best I can. If you want to sort through all the “drama” of this “dual” Grid Expedition you can find it here:


For now, here is the deal.  Marshal K5QE is leading one of two rare grid expedition efforts later this week and running through Field Day weekend.

The first group is going to DL88 as K5N. Per one of the FFMA polls the DL88 grid is one of the rarest  grids in N. America. They will attempt to activate very rare grid DL88JX. Planned freqs are:

CW/SSB:  50.165 MHz
Meteor Scatter:  50.265 MHz FSK441 (1st sequence)

The second group is going to the DL79/DL89 line as N5K. Planned freqs are:

CW/SSB:  50.170 MHz
Meteor Scatter:  50.270 MHz FSK441 (1st sequence)

Both groups plan to be on the air Wednesday afternoon June 20th. They have a long trip into a rugged and remote area on the US/Mexican border and there’s a long list of things (roads, weather, power, etc) that could go wrong and/or delay things into Thursday June 21st.

From what I understand just getting to the DL88 operating spot is the biggest challenge they face. Any fresh rainfall will turn the already difficult access road into muddy mess. It also looks like park rules prevent them from using a generator there so they will probably be limited to 100w due to battery power.

The N5K location will allow a generator so they should be running a KW amp there.

Both groups plan to be active into the Field Day weekend. On air operations end late Sunday evening.

Good luck snagging them. Great chance to snag some rare N. American grids!


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