2012 Fall VHF/UHF Sprints Announced

SVHFS has announced the dates for the 2012 Fall VHF/UHF Sprints here:


The schedule is:
50 MHz – 11 August 2012
144 MHz – 17 September 2012
222 MHz – 25 September 2012
432 MHz – 3 October 2012
902+ MHz – 13 October 2012

NOTE:  The 6m Fall Sprint has been moved to August 11th.

While I wish they would push the Spring Sprint up into late May, I’m not so sure about this change. Looks like they want a better shot at eskip. Problem is that by August the 6m eskip season has faded considerably from the late June peak. Plus an August Sprint is not really a Fall Sprint ;-) Don’t take the above as criticism, I’m sure it’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy ;-)  Hey I’m glad they are at least considering moving the 6m Sprint dates around some.

IMHO leave the 6m Fall sprint where it was at the end of October. If anything maybe consider moving it into mid-November. That way we might get into some of that Fall F2 DX during solar cycle peaks. Judging by my logbook, most of my best “long haul” 6m DX was worked in November during solar peaks.



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