EM87 Grid Expedition News

UPDATE 06/02/2012:

Per a note from K9MRI the operation is a go. They will be operating from Pine Mountain in grid EM87OB at roughly 3,000′ AMSL. They hope to be active on 6m thru 2304 MHz. Callsign should be K9MRI/4. He did note that bad weather could create access issues so keep that in mind. Ops will be WA9KRT, K9MRI, N0IRS, K9LQZ, and maybe some others.

Weather for the area can be found here and a radar here.


As I mentioned in my 6m Spring Sprint Wrap-up there is some news about a planned operation in semi-rare grid EM87 this year. The following should be considered “in planning” and tentative in nature, subject to change, etc etc.

Considering how VHF contest “dead” that area has been for several years now, it is great news to hear of new planned activity  there. I know several of the 6-land SoCal folks will be very eager to work that grid if we get some west coast 6m double-hop propagation during the contest!

From a short QSO with Lowell K9LQZ he said that him, Don WA9KRT, and likely a few other operators are planning a SE Kentucky portable operation during the upcoming June VHF+ Contest. He said they plan to be active on 6m thru 1296 from a mountaintop location near Whitesburg, KY. Most likely operate under Don’s callsign of WA9KRT.

I think Don is from or has family in Whitesburg KY in EM87. Looking back at my notes for the 2009 September Contest they operated as K9MRI /4 from Pine Mountain. They gave a grid of EM87 during that contest. The Pine Mountain that I’m aware of is in EM86 not EM87 and I recall some folks questioning if they were in EM87 or EM86. That area is real close to the border of those two grids. I tend to trust that they were in EM87. We are talking about an area where depending on which hilltop or ridge you are on you could be in one grid or the other.

There was also mention that they may also go down there for the September VHF+ Contest.

Hopefully we will get more specifics as the contest draws near and they nail down their operating plans. I’ll keep the list updated if I hear anything new on this.



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