Steve Forbes on our idiotic energy policy.

Politico (far from a far right organization) has recently posted an excellent opinion piece by Steve Forbes titled “Will Mideast strife spark new energy crisis?”

If I was Mr. Forbes I’d rename that piece “The Mideast and America’s idiotic energy policy.”

It’s a good read. First off, let me answer the headline question.  Most likely it will. I think we’re looking at a looming energy driven economic disaster even if things stay relatively contained in the Middle East.

Rather than using our own abundant natural resources, we (Americans) seem just heck bent on making ourselves more and more dependent upon foreign suppliers. It has worked!  We seem heck bent on making plentiful sources of energy falsely scarce and increasingly expensive….all to the continuing trashing of our economy. All while way too many clueless folks are more worried about who will be on the next Dancing with the Stars episode, Lindsy Lohan’s or Charlie Sheen’s latest meltdown, and other pop culture silliness while their country borders on collapse around them.

It’s both terrifying and breathtaking to watch. America’s enemies sit on the sidelines rubbing their hands. They don’t need to fire a shot, we’re doing an incredible job of  destroying ourselves.

Simply put  if we desire a vibrant and competitive economy, then we must have cheap and plentiful energy.  Energy drives everything. Yes it’s really just that simple! Unfortunately it looks like we’ll have to learn this the hard way after we drive our economy into the 2nd Great Depression.  Sorry, don’t kid yourself otherwise….on our current course this is right around the corner.

The car is no longer “in the ditch.” Instead of the car being pushed back onto the road, it’s been pushed to the edge of a cliff.


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