The 2009 CQ WW VHF Contest this weekend.


The 2009 CQ WW VHF Contest is this weekend. Contest starts 1800 UTC Saturday, July 18th. Ends 2100 UTC Sunday, July 19th. Full details/rules can be found here:

This has always been one of my favorite contests. Chances for 6m openings are high and tropo/inversions can make 2m interesting. Since it’s a 6m/2m only contest, it somewhat levels the playing field for the ‘small gun’ stations compared to the bigger contests.

I should be on the air from EM78pp for portions of it.

While it’s still too early to predict, the Hepburn Tropo forecast looks hopeful, but it might stay to our south:

Looks like the Cincinnati area weather will be very nice too! That’s if the forecast holds, grin. Good contest for operating portable or roving!

While VHF/UHF weak signal activity has been moderate this year, June and thus far July has been full of very nice openings on 6m and even a little 2m eskip for some! Many double hop openings to the west coast and Europe. Some just to the north (EM89) have worked JA’s (Japan) on multi-multi-hop eskip (sure ‘taint F2 skip!).

While looking over the various June logs I can see the QSO counts haven’t been as high as usual, but there’s a lot of interesting contacts and some pretty nice DX in there. So I guess you could say that it’s been quality over quantity this year. Definitely been a good year for 6m operating if you had the patience for it! I know I’ve had a blast with what little and sporadic operating time I’ve had thus far.


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