2008 6m Spring Sprint results

Been swamped with work, just about forgot about this one. Did miss the deadline for sending the logs in…oh well.

Well, as somewhat expected, six meters wasn’t open for the sprint. There were some hints that it was trying to open to the west, maybe Colorado.

Let’s see, 10 QSO’s, 5 grids, 5 states, for a whooping 50 points, yeah right. Best DX of the evening? W9RM over in EM52 (Hampshire, IL), second best would probably be W3GLH up in EN91 (Volant, PA).

Couple pleasant surprises (what 6m is good for) popped up. First was a nice easy contact with W9IMS, a special event station at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS, get it?). 2nd surprise was a new “local” on the band. Welcome to Bob, N4IJS out of Erlanger. Guess I need to get cards off to both of ’em.

Still unsure if I’m going to be here in EM78 or in Connecticut for the June contest. I just staged a 432 beam, LMR400, and some 5′ mast materials in CT. So now it’ll be fairly easy for me to go portable on 6m, 2m, and 432 as time allows. The area where I stay is not exactly the best spot for VHF/UHF Dxing (a hilltop might be 100′ AMSL). I’m thinking a trip up to Mohawk Mountain (nice contest site in FN31jt) for a good spot. I’ve also got open invitations from N.E.W.S group and a couple of the local VHF/UHF’ers. Can you say “multi-op” effort!

That’s it for now.  73


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