2008 VHF/UHF Contest Calendar

Upcoming contests/major VHF/UHF+ activity events:

May 3rd:
Microwave Spring Sprint (902 MHz & up)
http://www.sysadnet .com/vhfsprintru les.htm

May 10th, Saturday evening:
50 MHz Spring Sprint
http://www.sysadnet .com/vhfsprintru les.htm

June 14th-16th:
ARRL June VHF/UHF+ Contest
http://www.arrl. org/contests/ rules/2008/ june-vhf. html

June 28/29th:
ARRL Field Day
http://www.arrl. org/contests/ rules/2008/ fd.html

June 28-29th:
Field Day Special Event Station W0S (grid DM89)
HF, 6m, & 2m from highest point in Kansas, Wallace County.
I think DM89 is pretty rare too?

July 19-20th (not officially announced yet):
CQ WW VHF Contest (my favorite)
http://www.cqww- vhf.com/index. html

August 2nd/3rd:
ARRL UHF+ Contest

August 16-17th:
ARRL 10 GHz & Up Contest

September 13-15th:
ARRL Sept VHF/UHF+ Contest

September 20th-21st
ARRL 10 GHz & Up Contest

2008 Fall Sprints – not announced yet.
Typically start in mid-Sept thru October.
Great camping/rover/ portable operating time!
http://svhfs. org


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